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Are you interested in becoming this month’s innovative teacher? Each month you’ll have the chance to send us your story on how you are being an innovative Family and Consumer Science teacher. We’ll pick one winner and we’ll write an article that will appear on the front page of the site describing who they are and what makes them an innovative Family and Consumer Science Teacher! This month’s winner will win a $25 Amazon.com Gift Card!

Child Development Curriculum


Ever want to see what other teachers around the country are using for their curriculum? Here is a very short list of Child Development curriculum. Please feel free to leave a message below or send your school or state’s curriculum guides to
feedback@familyconsumersciences.com to be sponsored on this page. I know it is helpful to reference what others are doing to benchmark top programs.

Calories In & Calories Out


Calories in and calories out is a one day lesson that highlights and explains what calories are, where they come from, andHershey.Kiss how we manage our weight with them. After learning the basics of calories, students will research how many calories are in a serving of their favorite snack food, and do some math calculations in order to figure out approximately how much time they would need to spend walking and running to burn off the consumed amount. This is a stand alone lesson/activity or could be easily adapted for an interactive student notebook.

Infant Development: Reflexes


Reflex actions are part of Jean Piaget’s Sensorimotor period. Babies are born with these instinctive, automatic Infant.Reflexesresponses; some permanent and some temporary. Reflexes are a way that infants learn about and react to the world. This is a lesson that has students learning more about infant reflexes, their stimuli and response using a jigsaw style presentation approach. Sometimes circumstances prevent you from doing an assignment a certain way so I’ve also included an alternate web activity version to gather the information just in case you need a sub-plan or a way for students to make up work. Choose the option that works for you!

Resumes, cover letters, and Linkedin for highschoolers


I can’t help but tell my students a story when it comes to this lesson about this time someone interviewed for a job at a place I worked wearing a pencil skirt, five inch heels, and a leopard printed sheer blouse that showed off her hot pink bra straps. My head still shakes thinking that this poor girl thought that it was an appropriate interview outfit. If only she had taken my class! This lesson is to help students prepare their interview and resume writing skills. If you’re looking for more on dressing for an interview take a look at this lesson.

Sugary Beverages Investigation


Would your students drink a glass of pure sugar? Probably not, but they have no trouble drinking sugary beverages by glass.of.sugarwhat seems like the gallon. Students are not always aware of the amount of sugar they are consuming or the health effects associated with too much sugar. In this lesson students will discover the difference between natural sugar and added sugar, the common aliases of sugar used on nutrition labels, and the health issues associated with consuming too much, while also investigating the amounts of sugar found in the common beverages they consume on a daily basis.

Importance of Family TIME


Fact is life is super BUSY for most families!! A lot of families are trying to juggle their time between family and careerdreamstimefree_259444.family.time obligations, household responsibilities and personal needs. Sometimes, as parents, we find it challenging to find balance in this process in order to have precious quality time left over to spend with the important people in our lives. This lesson helps students understand the importance of quality time with little ones by using a variety of illustrations and activities.