Teen Dating Violence


Dating violence is a big problem facing today’s population of young adults. Dating violence knows no boundaries anddating.violence does not discriminate. That’s why it’s important that our teens and young adults be educated about the characteristics and consequences of this all too common problem. The activities in the lesson help convey this information in a very interactive and hands-on approach.

Submit your Lessons for an Extreme Lesson Plan Makeover

Extreme Lesson Plan Submissions

Do you have a lesson plan that needs some refreshing? Have you been doing the same lesson for years and it’s getting stale? Tired of doing the same lesson every semester? Do you need more interactive or hands on ideas? Submit your lack luster family consumer lesson to us for a chance to have your lesson plan made over! We’ll do our best to incorporate new ideas and post a before and after version of your lesson.

4th of July Cake


It’s always fun to make something festive for the different holidays throughout the year. This is a 4th of July cake made with different jello flavors mixed into ordinary white cake mix. Make sure you think about how the flavors you choose will taste together.

Tower Team Building Activity


I recently led a team building activity that was really a lot of fun–spaghetti and gum drop tower building. The object of the activity is to work as a team to build the highest tower in the set amount of time. This activity is not only easy to prep, but also fairly inexpensive to put together.

Analyzing FACS Related Infographics


Infographics have definitely captured my attention!  They are so interesting, colorful and informative, not to mention there’s a ton of already created ones out there to select from!  When my students aren’t creating infographics about FACS related topics I have them…

The Many Layers of Onions


When I was a child you couldn’t pay me enough to eat an onion in any way, shape or form, and when I did have to work with them they always made me cry! As an adult, I’ve come to appreciate the value of the onion, not only for the flavor it adds to whatever I’m cooking or preparing, but also for the health benefits it provides. So bring on the onions to help add some sweetness and zip to your meals as well as your health!

The ABC’s of Eating Disorders

Be Aware

The National Institute of Mental Health reports that 2.7 percent of teens (both males and females) between the ages of Be Aware13-18 will struggle with an eating disorder. In my school that would calculate out to approximately 20 students, which is 20 students too many! It’s important to teach students what eating disorders are, what their characteristics are including the warning signs, why they occur and how to get help.