Social Media: Helpful or Harmful?

What do sharpie marker designs on fabric swatches and social media posts have in common? Can your social media profiles impact your future employment? This was an object lesson activity and question I posed to my new Careers class talking about employment and interviews. As with many topics, there are always two sides, positives and negatives, and this topic was no different. Needless to say it led to some very interesting discussion. This lesson explores both sides of the topic in more detail, challenging students to explore and evaluate their own social media activity and how it might potentially impact their future opportunities.

Parenting Styles


Diana Baumrind, a developmental psychologist, is known for her research on parenting styles. Parenting styles represent approaches to how parents manage their children’s behavior, which in turn influences their development. This lesson explores the four different approaches and used clips from television and movies to test students’ understanding of them.

Lesson Ideas: Consequences of Teenage Intimacy

Premarital Sex Consequence Activity 400

As the result of last month’s “Project Brainstorm” activity, Cheryl, a veteran Family and Consumer Science Teacher from Ohio submitted a whole bunch of activities and resources that she uses with her students. We thought they deserve special attention, so take a look and see if there are any ideas you might want to use with your students.

Shark Tank Assignment

SharkTank ABC

Are you totally in love with Abc’s Shark Tank? Chances are your students are! What I love about Shark Tank and The Profit are that students get a real glimpse into entrepreneurship and get a chance to see what is possible. Many times young teens are pitching their business ideas on the show and it is inspiring. Being confident, clearly conveying an idea, defending one’s position, and business savvy are all life skills that can be learned through this show with intentional viewing.

Use This, Not That…Healthy Substitutions


A close family friend was recently diagnosed with some serious health problems and was encouraged to change his diet. He came to me looking for some suggestions on how he could adapt some of the recipes he already liked and was using. After researching, I realized there are a lot of healthy substitutions to be made with very common ingredients. This made me think that this knowledge could be useful for my students as well since it’s highly possible that they might need to use this information in the future for themselves or their own families.